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Aphrodite Smudge Wands



Protection | Pure Love | Healing Transformations

Raise your love vibration with our Aphrodite smudge bundle! This aromatic blend of herbs, flowers & Palo Santo has been thoughtfully curated to bring out the inner love goddess in you. 

Included with each bundle is: 

  • 4” white California sage stick
  • 4” Ecuadorian Palo Santo stick
  • Rose
  • A bundle of lavender
  • 3" selenite wand 
  • Clear quartz crystal 

From the Reiki charged crystal water the roses sit in before being wrapped, to the 75lb. selenite slab that these beauties charge on before their final destination, no energetic detail has gone unnoticed. Each Aphrodite bundle has been made with the utmost pure love and healing intentions by a Reiki Master Practitioner. The smallest of details have been intuitively curated to bring true healing intentions for the user. 

Suggestions on how to use your bundle:

  • Set your intentions 
  • Remove the crystals by cutting the twine. (The herbs will all remain intact for smudging)
  • Smudge!
  • We recommend keeping the quartz and selenite as a manifestation token of your smudging.
  • Smudging is an option! We have a lot of clients who simply choose to keep their bundle in tact and enjoy its beauty as is. 

* Please note that selenite is a soft stone and contact with water should be avoided in order to maintain its integrity. 

* Smudging has been used since ancient times for healing & to clear the build up of emotional or spiritual negativity. When burned, sage and other herbs release a large amount of negative ions, which has been linked to a more positive mood. 

 Always use caution when smudging

 Due to the unique nature of the stones, herbs and flowers; the size, shape and color will vary.  When ordered, you will receive an assorted selection of rose colors for variation!