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Yarrow Flower   Achillea millefolium   
“Love, divination, exorcism”
Yarrow Flowers, from a plant associated with the 'I Ching', are used for
divination, warding off negativity, assisting in relationships, and creating
sacred space.  Methods include burning, carrying, teas and tinctures.
Cut/sifted   HC-234-10   1 oz

Yellow Dock Root   Rumex crispus   
“Remove negativity, attract business”
Yellow Dock Root, a plant from the Buckwheat family that is rich in iron, is
used as a blood cleanser, skin ointment, and for attracting business.  
Methods include tinctures, washes and sprinkling.  
Considered poisonous
in excess.   
Cut/sifted   HC-235-10   1 oz

Yerba Santa Leaf   Eriodictyon californicum   
“Spirit, psychic, healing”
Yerba Santa, an evergreen shrub also called Bear Weed, is
used to increase psychic powers, healing, and spiritual strength
Methods include burning, smoking mixtures, carrying,
sprinkling and infusions.
Cut/sifted   HC-242-10   1 oz    
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