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White Oak Bark   Quercus alba   
“Protect, preserve, prevent”
White Oak Bark, from a tree considered sacred in Druid and other
traditions, is used for protection, to heal the body of infections, and to stop
bleeding.  Methods of use include burning, teas, and compresses.
Powder   HP-222-05   .5 oz  

White Willow Bark   Salix alba   
“Love, healing, divination”  
White Willow Bark, from the tree call a “Tree of Enchantment (or Mystery)”
is used for protecting homes, healing of pain and in love formulas.  
Methods include burning as incense sprinkling or in mixtures.
Cut/sifted   HC-223-10   1 oz
Powder      HP-223-05   .5 oz  

Wild Cherry Bark   Prunus serotina   
“Open, attract, clear”
Wild Cherry Bark, also known as choke cherry, is native to the US and
Canada.  It is a bitter herb used in remedies for clearing the throat and
eyes and for attracting love and romance.  Methods include burning as
incense, teas and tinctures.
Cut/sifted   HC-221-10   1 oz

Wood Betony   Stachys officinalis   
“Release tension, protect, circulate”
Wood Betony, a member of the mint family, is used to relieve headache
tension, aid digestion and circulation, protect from spirits, and bring  
results. Methods include smoking blends, amulets, teas, and tinctures.   
Cut/sifted   HC-224-10   1 oz    

Wormwood   Artemisia absinthium   
“Psychic, calling spirits, expel”
Wormwood, the ingredient in the highly addictive alcohol,
absinthe, is a bitter herb used for psychic powers, calling in
spirits, and expelling worms from the body.  
Use with caution.  
Methods include burning, carrying, incenses and teas.   
Cut/sifted   HC-225-10   1 oz    
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