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Sandalwood, Red   Pterocarpus santalinus   
“Spirituality, love, positivity”   
Red Sandalwood powder, from trees found in Asia, is used as incense in
spiritual ceremonies.  It cleanses and leaves a positive and loving feeling.  
Methods include burning, smoldering, and sprinkling.
Cut/sifted   HC-182-10   1 oz
Powder      HP-182-05   .5 oz

Sassafrass Root Bark   Sassafras albidum   
“Positive results, money, purify”
Sassafras Root Bark, an aromatic tree Columbus took back to Europe, is
used for creating positive results, attracting money, stomach upsets and
purifying the circulatory system. Methods include burning, sachets, and
teas. Use caution.
Cut/sifted   HC-180-10   1 oz

Seneca Snake Root    Polygala senega  
“Cleanse, remove poisonous”
Seneca Snake Root, known as Milkwort and Snakeroot, was used by Native
Americans for snake bites.  Other uses are blood and respiratory
cleansing, purging, and purification.  Methods include burning, blends and  
Powder   HP-183-05   .5 oz  

Shepherd’s Purse   Capsella bursa-pastoris
Shepherd’s Purse, a plant of the mustard family that grows in wheat fields,
is used to preserve life force and prevent loss.  It stops bleeding –
hemorrhaging, menstrual, nose bleeds, etc. Methods include teas,
tinctures, compresses and sachets.
Cut/sifted   HC-184-10   1 oz    

Slippery Elm Bark   Ulmus rubra   
“Soothe, heal irritations, draw out”
Slippery Elm, a tree native to Eastern United States, is also know as Indian
Elm and Moose Elm.  The bark is used for wounds, removing toxins, and
soothing irritations.  Methods include burning, carrying, poultices, and teas.
Powder   HP-190-05   .5 oz

Solomon’s Seal Root  Polygonatum officinale
“Protection, detoxifying, offering”
Solomon's Seal Root is found naturally in Europe and the Northern US.  It
is known for protection, clearing, removing toxins, making offerings and is
used in Ayurvedic medicines.  Methods include burning, tinctures, washes,
and placing.
Cut/sifted   HC-192-10   1 oz

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