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Raspberry Leaf   Rubus idaeus   
“Love, protection, release”
Raspberry Leaf from the red raspberry bush is used in ceremonies for love
and protection.  It is also a body cleanser for releasing. Methods of use
include burning, adding to smoking mixtures, teas, carrying and hanging up.
Cut/sifted   HC-171-05   .5 oz

Red Clover Blossoms   Trifolium pratense   
“Success, cleanse, sweetness”   
Red Clover Blossoms are equated with the “honey” of life.  They are used
in rituals for improving finances and success, removing negativity and
cleansing.   Methods include smoking, baths, sachets, carrying, and
Whole   HW-172-05   .5 oz    

Red Willow Bark   Salicaceae Ssp.   
“Prayer, communication, change”  
Red Willow Bark is the inside bark used in ceremonial pipe mixtures in
many Native traditions.  It is believed to aid in prayer and sending
messages to Spirit. Methods include burning and pipe mixtures.
Pieces   HW-173-05   .5 oz    

Rose Buds & Petals   (Red)   Rosa centifolia   
“Love, luck, heal”   
Roses, associated with romance and love, are used in mixtures for
attracting love, psychic power, good fortune, protection and healing.  
Methods include sprinkling, wearing, baths, mixtures and infusions.
Powder  HP-178-05    .5 oz  
Whole    HW-178-05   .5 oz

Rosemary Leaf   Rosemary officinalis   
“Memory, security, energize”
Rosemary Leaf, originally from the Mediterranean, is known for its mental
and uplifting energy.  It is used for staying alert, physical protection, and
purification.  Methods include burning, baths, teas, mixtures, and sprinkling.
Whole   HW-175-10   1 oz

Rue   Ruta graveolens   
“Clean negativity, mental”  
Rue’s colorful history talks of warding off spells, healing plagues, and
sprinkling holy water.  It has been used to increase mental power and for
circulation & digestion.  Methods include burning, sachets, hanging, and
Powder   HP-179-05   .5 oz
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