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Nettle Leaf, ORGANIC  Urtica dioica
"Organic for tea"
Cut/sifted   OH-145-10  1oz

Nutmeg   Myristica fragrans   
“Luck, stimulate, vision”  
Nutmeg comes from the nut of a tree native to the Molucca Islands.  It is
used to increase good luck, stimulate money flow and assist in psychic
vision.  Methods include burning, incense blends, and carrying.
Powder   HP-138-05   .5 oz

Orris Root   Iris germanica val florentina   
“Attract love, protect”
Orris Root, known as the “Love drawing powder,” is used in ceremonies for
attracting love into your life.  It is also used in divination and as a
protector.  Methods include sachets, sprinkling, baths, and carrying.
Powder   HP-148-05  .5 oz  

Osha Root   Ligusticum porteri   
“Calling, throat, voice”
Osho Root is used by some Native traditions in
sweat lodge ceremonies and to open the throat for
singing.  The tincture is an aid in respiratory
difficulties. Methods include burning, incense
mixtures, tinctures and chewing.
Chunks   HW-145-10   1 oz    
Whole Osha Root
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