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Mandrake Root (May Apple)   Podophyllum peltatum    
“Money, fertility,  detoxifying”                       
Mandrake (American) also called May Apple, is used as a substitute for the
European Mandrake.  It is used for money rituals, fertility, and some
detoxifying remedies.  Use caution.  Methods include burning, sachets and  
Powder   HP-120-05   .5 oz  
Cut/sifted   HC-120-10   1 oz

Marigold  -  See Calendula Flowers

Masterwort - See Angelica Root

May Apple  - See Mandrake Root

Meadowsweet   Filipendula ulmaria
“Receptivity, pain release, peace”
Meadowsweet, a plant sacred to the Druids, is used as a pain reliever for
heartburn and the digestive system, for relaxation, and to create a state of
receptivity.  Methods include burning, mixtures, tinctures, and smoking
Cut/sifted   HC-122-10   1 oz    

Mistletoe   Phoradendron flavescens   
“Protection, sleep, objectivity”   
Mistletoe, a plant often found growing on oak trees, was
considered sacred to the Druids of Europe. It is used for protection, safe
sleep and to aid objectivity.  Methods include burning, wearing, sprinkling,
and tinctures.
Cut/sifted    HC-121-10   1 oz
Powder       HP-121-05   .5 oz  

Motherwort   Leonurus cardiaca   
“Cleanse body, calm, protect feminine”
Motherwort, a bitter herb of the mint family, is used to relieve female
problems, cleanse the urinary system, calm heart palpitations and soothe
the nerves. Methods include teas, tinctures, and compresses.
Cut/sifted   HC-123-05   .5 oz    
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