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Lavendar Flowers (ang.)   Lavandula angustifolia  
“Protection, sleep, calmness”   
Lavender is used in a variety of traditions for purification and protection.  
The scent  may help calm and induce sleep. It is associated with love and
attracting males.  Methods include burning, smoldering, carrying, scattering
and potions.
Whole   HW-111-05   .5 oz    
Whole   HW-111-15   1.5 oz

Lemon Balm Leaf   Melissa officinalis   
“Uplift, love, healing”  
Lemon Balm, also called Balm and Melissa and a native of France, is used
to influence love.  Physical healing uses   are depression and healing of
wounds.  Methods include burning, incense mixtures, carrying and
Powder   HP-113-05   .5 oz  

Lemon Grass   Cymbopogon citratus   
“Psychic, receptivity, attraction”
Lemon Grass, identified by its lemon scent, is used for receptivity to
dreams and psychic abilities, lust potions, perfumes, soaps and to stop
infections.  Methods include burning, blends, pillows and teas.
Cut/sifted   HC-115-05   .5 oz

Licorice Root   Glycyrrhiza glabra   
“Love, soothe, flavor”
Licorice Root, a legume used as early as 3rd century BC, is used to attract
love, soothe the throat, affect hormones, and to flavor.  Methods include
tinctures, adding to smoking blends, teas, sachets, and carrying.
Cut/sifted   HC-116-10   1 oz

Lobelia   Lobelia inflata   
“Release, psychic ability”
Lobelia, also known as Indian tobacco and pukeweed, is used in some love
spells and for psychic connections.  Because it is considered a poison,
caution is advised.  Methods include burning, smoking in ceremonial pipes,
and sprinkling.  
Cut/sifted   HC-114-10   1 oz
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