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Hawthorn Berry   Crataegus oxycanthus   
“Luck, stimulate, vision”  
Hawthorn Berry, from the “Thorn” tree referred to in fairy magic, is used for
psychic protection, happiness, and to lower blood pressure.  Methods of
use include sachets, carrying, teas and juices.   
Whole   HW-070-10   1 oz    

Hawthorn Leaf & Flower   Crataegus oxycanthus   
“Happiness, protection, heart”
Hawthorn, associated with May festivals and weddings, is used for psychic
protection, as symbol of  happiness and as a heart medicine to lower blood
pressure.  Methods of use include burning, sachets, carrying, tinctures and
Cut/sifted   HC-071-10    1 oz

Hibiscus   Hibiscus Sabdariffa
"Organic, for Tea"
Bring 1 cup of water to a boil, then pour over 1 teaspoon of dried herb.
Cover and let herbs steep for 5 to 10 minutes.  Strain tea into a cup with a
strainer or unbleached muslin cloth.  Sweeten with stevia or honey if
Cut/sifted  OH-110-10   1oz.

High John the Conqueror   Ipomoea purga or I. jalapa
"Strength, success, money, love, protect"
A mainstay of Hoodoo, High John root is said to be the most powerful of all
roots.  Uses include strength, confidence, obtain success, win at gambling,
good luck, draw love and money, health, protection. Methods of use
include carrying th whole root.
Whole  HW-199-10   1 oz

Hyssop   Hyssopus officinalis   
“Purification, santification”    
Hyssop, a plant from the mint family whose name means ’holy herb,’  is
used to purify and sanctify objects and as a protection.  Methods include
burning, sachets, incenses, baths, sprinkling and tinctures.  
Cut/sifted   HC-079-10   1 oz    

Jasmine Flowers   Jasminum odoratissimum  
“Spiritual love, prophecy, sleep”
Jasmine Flowers are added to love mixtures to attract spiritual love.  They
also are used for prophetic dreams, inducing sleep and attracting money.
Methods include burning, carrying, sachets and mixtures.    
Whole   HW-091-05   .5 oz    

Juniper Leaf   Juniperous Ssp.   
“Protect, cleanse, remove”   
Juniper Leaf, found in writings of ancient Egypt, is used for purification,
protection and exorcism rituals.  It also believed to protect against theft and
some illnesses. Methods include burning, sachets, and hanging up.
Cut/sifted  HC-095-15   1.5 oz    

Kinnick Kinnick  - See, Smoking Blends "Osha"
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