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Galangal Root   Alpina officinalis  
“Relieve, release, stimulate”
Galangal Root, a bitter plant native to Asia, is much like ginger.  It is used
to relieve pain, release one from spells, draw good luck, and stimulate
digestion.  Methods include wearing, teas, sachets, and sprinkling.
Whole   HW-068-10   1 oz

Ginger Root   Ziniber officinale   
“Attract wealth, success, love”   
Ginger root is used for attracting wealth, success and love.  It is a stimulant
to the energy flow both physically and on the psychic level.  Methods
include sachets, burning, teas, incenses and sprinkling.
Powder   HP-063-05  .5 oz.

Ginkgo Leaf   Ginkgo biloba   
“Mental clarity, circulation”
Ginkgo Leaf, from a tree called the Maidenhair tree and saved from
extinction by the Temple Gardens of China, is used for mental strength,
circulation, and improving memory.  Methods include teas, tinctures, and
Cut/sifted   HC-065-10   1 oz

Gotu Kola   Hydrocotyl asiatica   
“Mental, meditation, rejuvenation”
Gota Kola, considered important in some Ayurvedic medicine as “bringing
knowledge,” is used in meditation, for rejuvenation and improving
circulation.  Methods include burning, teas, and tinctures.
Cut/sifted   HC-064-10   1 oz

Guar Gum   Cyamopis tetragonolobus   
“Incense binder, giving form”  
Guar Gum powder is the binder used in forming cone incenses.  It give
form to the other powders.  It also is used in foods to thicken and to keep
gases from escaping during the leavening process.
Powder   HP-067-05   .5 oz
“The ginkgo is the sole survivor of a family of trees that was around when
dinosaurs walked the earth… During the Ice Age, glaciers wiped out all
ginkgoes except in China.”
- Ted Andrews   Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens and Messages in Nature
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