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Echinacea Root (Pur.)   Echinacea purpurea   
“Strengthen, integrity, healing”
Echinacea Root, also called Coneflower and Black Sampson, is believed to
strengthen the immune system, detoxify, heal infections and wounds, and
promote integrity in the body and businesses.  Methods include burning,
tinctures, washes, and mixtures
Cut/sifted   HC-038-10   1 oz

Elder Berry   Samucus nigra   
“Protect, purge, bless”
Elder Berries, from the common elder described in folklore as the
"complete medical chest," are used for protection, purging, blessings, and
peaceful sleep.  Methods include carrying, sprinkling, infusions, syrups,
and wines.
Whole   HW-043-10   1 oz

Elder Berry, ORGANIC  Sambucus nigra
"Organic for tea"
Whole  OH-130-10  1oz

Elecampane Root   Inula helenuim
"Attract Love, protection"
Elecampane is used to attract beneficial spirits.  Add to love
charm formulas of all kinds to bring happiness and understanding.  
A strong communication herb, elecampane creates good vibes
between humans as well.  Methods to use include using in sachets
or burning.
Cut/sifted   HC-047-10   1 oz

Eucalyptus Leaf   Eucalyptus globulus   
“Healing, throat, purification”
Eucalyptus, introduced to the US by Aboriginal healers, is used for
protection, maintaining health, and healing the throat and wounds.  
Methods include carrying, putting in sachets and pillows, and inhaling.
Cut/sifted   HC-045-10   1 oz    
Eyebright   Euphrasia officinalis   
“Vision, mental, heal upper respiratory”
Eyebright, a bitter, semi parasitic plant, is used to increase mental and
psychic powers and to heal the eyes, sinuses and upper respiratory of
infection. Methods include carrying, teas and infusions.
Powder   HP-046-05   .5 oz    

Fennel Seed   Foeniculum vulgare   
“Purification, soothe, healing”  
Fennel Seed, from a plant in the parsley family, is used for purification,
clearing, and soothing the body, especially the digestive system.  Methods
include burning, sachets, tinctures, and ingesting.
Powder   HP-052-05   .5 oz  

Feverfew   Tanacetum parthenium   
"Protect environment, release tension”
Feverfew, a bitter plant also called featherfew, is used to relieve migraines,
headaches and tension in the body and to protect against insects, colds
and accidents.  Methods include tinctures, teas and carrying.
Cut/sifted   HC-053-05   .5 oz

Five Fingers - See Cinquefoil

Frankincense   Boswellia Spp.    
“Protection, spirituality, psychic”  
Frankincense, an incense included in many religious rituals, is used for
protection, spiritual connection, visions, and for removing unwanted spirits.  
Methods include burning, sachets, and touching to the body.
Powder   HP-056-05   .5 oz
Tears      HT-056-05   .5 oz

Frankincense and Myrrh
"Balance, purification, protection"
Cherished since ancient times, this Frankincense and Myrrh blend
represents the masculine and feminine, and is used for balance,
purification, and protection.  Burn approximately 1/2 teaspoon in a bowl or
incense burner and allow it to smoke.  Stir occasionally as needed.
Tears     HT-075-05   .5 oz
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