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Damiana Leaf   Turnera diffusa   
“Love, sexual performance, vision”   
Damiana Leaf, harvested from a shrub native to Texas and southern
areas, is used to attract love, improve sexual performance, enhance
dreams and induce visions.  Methods include burning, sachets, incenses,
and infusions.
Cut/sifted   HC-034-05   .5 oz

Dandelion Leaf   Taraxacum officinale   
“Purify, manifest wishes, enrich”
Dandelion Leaf, rich in vitamins and potassium,  is a purifier and a
cleanser.  It is used to manifest wishes, enrich life,  and for clairvoyance.  
Methods include, carrying, baths, teas and sprinkling.
Cut/sifted   HC-035-10   1 oz

Dandelion Root   Taraxacum officinale   
“Psychic, calling, detoxify”  
Dandelion Root has a long history of being used medicinally to detoxify.  It
is believed to increase psychic abilities through greater clarity and to aid in
calling spirits.  Methods include burning, teas, sprinkling, and tinctures.
Powder   HP-037-05   .5 oz  

Deer’s Tongue Leaf   
“Attract, love, psychic”
Deer's Tongue, also known as vanilla leaf or vanilla plant, is
related to the Blazing Star flower.  It is used to attract, for love
relationships, to flavor pipe mixtures, and to enhance psychic

abilities.  Methods include burning, carrying, and sprinkling.
Cut/sifted   HC-044-10   1 oz

Devil’s Claw Root   Harpagophytum procumbens     
“Clear negative, unblock”
Devil’s Claw Root, a part of African and European medicine, is used to
clean negative energy from former tenants in houses, to clean the blood,
and to help with arthritis and joint problems.  Methods include burning,
teas, and tinctures.
Cut/sifted   HC-039-10   1 oz

Dock—See Yellow Dock

Dragon’s Blood   Calamus draco   
“Attract, strengthen, protect”  
Dragon’s Blood Resin is from palm trees. It has been used for protection,
attracting love, increasing power of other herbs, and repelling negative and
unwanted spirits.  Methods include burning, smoldering, sprinkling, and
Powder   HP-035-05    .5 oz
Chunks   HW-036-05   .5 oz
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