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Bay Leaf   Laurus nobilis   
“Vision, strengthen, honor”
Bay Leaf, associated with nobility and honoring greatness, is used for
psychic visions, dreams, purifying, and to strengthen psychic abilities.  
Methods include burning, sachets, infusions, wearing and putting under
Powder   HP-010-05     .5 oz
Whole     HW-010-05   .5 oz    

Bayberry Bark    Myrica cerifera   
“Luck, money, flow”  
Bayberry, a shrub found on  the East coast of the US, is used for bringing
luck, money and increasing the flow.  In healing it is known to help the
circulation and sinuses.  Methods include burning, sprinkling, and tinctures.
Cut/sifted  HC-011-10  1 oz
Powder     HP-011-05   .5 oz  

Bearberry Leaf   Arctostaphylos uva ursi    
“Releasing, healing, vision”
Bearberry, also known as uva ursi, is used for healing blockages,
releasing, improving relationship and psychic strength and vision.  
Methods include burning, including in smoking blends, teas, sachets,
tinctures and wearing it. Use with caution.   
Whole   HW-012-10   1 oz    

Benzoin Gum   Styrax benzoin    
“Purify, attract business”    
Benzoin Gum is used for purifying and clearing energy. It is
mixed with other incenses to attract customers to business
and used in healing as a base in other incenses.  Methods
include burning and mixtures.
Powder   HP-013-05   .5 oz  

Black Cohosh  Cimifuga racemosa
"Love, courage, protection, potency"
Black snakeroot, bugbane, bugwort, black snake root.
A plant in the buttercup family that grows in the US and
Canada.  Used in love sachets, in baths for impotence,
carried in amulets to strengthen courage and for protection
from harm and unnatural illness.  Methods include washes,
teas, sachets and carried.
Cut/sifted  HC-014-10  1 oz

Blackberry Leaf   Rubus friticosus   
“Wealth, healing, worship”
Blackberry, a prolific plant in North America, was considered sacred in old
Earth religions of Europe.  It is symbolic of the harvest and considered a
healing plant.  Methods include burning, smoking blends, sachets, and
placing on the body.    
Cut/sifted   HC-016-05   .5 oz    
Benzoin Gum
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